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Another nice review just showed up. This time it is a user from www.progarchives who chimes in with his thoughts about Machine! Fire! Ghost!

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Very shortly we will announce a gig aswell, so stay tuned.

Great review


Machine! Fire! Ghost! got a great review today!

the songs go from downbeat moments with toms and the infamous Indian Summer guitars, onto the same Indian Summer guitars only with snare instead of toms. then the strings come. then the cymbals come, increasingly louder and louder and louder. the snare is hit faster and louder as well. the guitars go higher and higher. the strings are constrasting slower and slower. everything breaks. the twinkly Indian Summer guitars are alone. then comes the upbeat drumming, the distorted guitars, the everything. there’s climaxes all over the place. everything is alive with beauty, power and passion. this ep is awesome

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Hi friends!

1099 is on the web. Not advanced at all, but simple so that we are actually able to use it. Hope to have some news for you soon about our upcoming record, and some shows aswell!

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