An update for the new year

Hi friends. Hope you all had a relaxing Christmas and are ready for a great new year.

When it comes to 1099, 2013 should be its most exciting year so far. We actually started playing together in 2003, so this is our ten year anniversary as well.

But first a few words about 2012. Most importantly we got our former drummer back. Thomas had to go to Oslo for work, but Pål was available for us again and getting him back in the band was just great. We spent a lot of time on recording, mixing, cover design and mastering of our debut album. The final mastering was done in November, and we are very pleased with the result. We also signed with a label to release the album on vinyl. It is a quite new label but they have already had some great releases in 2012, and lots more to come in 2013. They are called Doognad Records and you should check them out at

That leads us to 2013 and the new album. The album is self-titled and the vinylrelease will be in the first week of march. The digital version one or two weeks earlier. The album consists of 7 songs, and the total runtime is around 75 minutes. We will play a concert to celebrate the release on the 8th of march. The venue will be Blæst in Trondheim. We will have more info on who will join us in the near future. We are also looking into playing some other concerts around the country, but this is still in the early planning so more news on that when and if it happens.

Stay tuned to our facebookpage and we will have some smaller updates there in the next couple of weeks.


Hi everyone.

A new year for 1099 and with that comes a new design for our website. It is inspired by the cover art of our (still) forthcoming album, so we hope you like it.

We haven’t updated our homepage in the last 18 months so a quick recap won’t hurt. First of; Thomas moved to another part of the country for jobrelated reasons, so we don’t have a drummer at the moment. But before he left we played at the Norwegian Rock-museum (Rockheim), where we tested some new songs live which, was a good experience for us.

The album that we talked about 18 months ago is still alive. We set high goals for our music and especially this album, which leads to a brutal consideration of everything we compose and record. Because of this, some of the material we recorded in mai 2010 has been scrapped, some has been rerecorded and we have also composed and recorded brand new material.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The mixing process began a few months ago and is nearing completion, and we have also recorded 95% of what is to be on the record. We plan to record a trumpet and some saxophone in next few of weeks, which should complete the recording process.

We are looking forward to the completion and release of our album – and we will keep you posted.

Thanks for listening.